What doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy and has many uses besides cleaning dishes? The answer: Dawn.

Busy moms constantly on the go can save a lot of time of running around to get those chores done when it comes to cleaning when one product is self contained and has many uses.

Aside from doing the dishes,  the Blue Dawn has many uses and maybe the de-greasing chemical that it has maybe the key.

It's great for cleaning jewelry, a few drops in warm water soak your jewelry (ring good example) for approximately 30 minutes, scrub softly ( a soft bristle toothbrush works great), rinse and bingo back to new.

I use it on my cat, it's great for killing fleas and doesn't dry out her skin. Rinse your pet well and a conditioner doesn't hurt to make your pet soft and cuddly once again.

It's great to use as an ice-pack for those bumps and bruises. A seal-able plastic bag and a cup of Dawn , freeze and you're good to go. It re-freezes pretty easy to use again and again and again.

It's a great stain remover too, a little dab will do ya, place in washer and surprise. Whoa where did that stain go?

Like any soap, of course; it's great for bubbles too, so the kids and mom will love the many uses.

Countertops aren't too bad to clean but Mirrors can be the worst, the video attached  has some simple tips for you.

Did you ever think you could have so much fun cleaning?