Yup, you read that headline right! There is a reasonable explanation behind the decor for his new nightclub.

When you first think of seeing photos of your mother in her Birthday suit, you may want to erase that image from your memory permanently, but not David Arquette. His mother was a burlesque performer and a naughty pinup model back in her prime.

David has a new club in L.A. called Bootsy Bellows; that was his mother's stage name back when she did all her naughty work. David also pays tribute to her inside the club.

There's a corner at the club devoted to her classic nudes. David decorated his club with nude photos of his mother. While that may be a very odd thing, he sees it as his way of honoring his mother who passed away in 1997 from breast cancer. He even put a lot of work into getting the images.

"We scoured the Internet . . . eBay, collectors . . . and found [the photos].  People are like, 'Dude, your mom is naked all over your club!'  But it's actually an embracing of it.  It was the '60s and New York, and later she went on to become a marriage and family counselor.  This is a way of honoring her youth."

Some might think it's the wrong way to pay tribute to your mother, others think it fits. In my opinion, it fits not only his personality but the style of the rat-pack era. He's embracing his mother's past. Not like he sits in that corner and stares at the photos; at least I don't see him doing that. He has said that if he takes Coco to the club, her eyes will be covered up. Nobody wants to see Grandma's "sweet sweets".

You can see a picture of the corner of Bootsy Bellows here. The naughty parts are covered up, so take a loot at your own risk.

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