One concern I always have around the holidays is gaining weight. When researchers did this study, I'm pretty sure they didn't have the holidays in mind, but this sounds totally manageable and it's just in time if you want to get a jump start on your New Year's weight loss goals. 

The University Hospital in South Manchester, England has come up with a brilliant way to lose weight. The Brits eat some very rich and not so healthy food and they also have the highest obesity rate in Europe, but these geniuses found that if you cut carbohydrates just two or three days a week, it's a lot easier than if you try and cut calories every single day.

One group ate a 15 hundred calorie per day diet every day. The other group ate a 15 hundred calorie per day diet, but two days per week they abstained from carb heavy foods like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. They did this experiment for four months and the results were pretty interesting.

The researchers found that the group that cut the carbs two days per week lost almost twice as much weight as the group that ate a normal diet and tried to cut back on calories every day.

So, how can this apply to your tour of parties this Christmas season? Well, they say to go ahead and eat normally, and eat what you'd like (within reason) at the parties. Then pick two days out of the week where you swear off carbs and you could definitely win the Battle of the Bulk this Christmas.