I know this isn't your typical guess who is dating who, guess who cheated on who, look what this celebrity did. But I kid you not, this is what crazy celebrities will be calling fashion in the near future.

I hope not anyway!

The fashion world can be a little crazy from time to time, but these shoes top the list of insane! Front Heel Shoes - A.K.A. Scary Beautiful

"Scary Beautiful Shoes are crafted platforms where the front is the back and the back is the front. They are front heel shoes that pervert, distort and blaspheme all that is sacred about high heels in one fell swoop."

Say what? Front Heel Shoes. Yes, the heel is in the front and waking in them makes you look like a 90-year-old grandma walking to get cookies and forgot her walker.

I am almost willing to bet that Lady GaGa is the first one to sport these things, I mean shoes. I love my heels, but these are just ridiculous! Celebrities are knows for their footwear, whether we agree with their choice of foot decor or not, they will rock what they want!

Would you even want to attempt walking in these?

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