Each weeknight from 8-Midnight I feature up and coming artists or artists we know with new songs being released and I give them the “spotlight.”

Tonight's ClubMix Spotlight features a band from Fort Worth, Texas; Green River Ordinance. These guys have been together for 10+ years and can still call each other "brothers."

Was lucky to get an interview with vocalist Josh Jenkins! They are on tour right now, and will be at 7th Street Entry Saturday Night (April 28.) If you don't get a chance to check them out live and you love their music, I hope you check out TheHopeGros.com GRO plays music for a reason! They have their own charities they are passionate about, and the guys have offered up their music for free! In return, they donate that money to charities they are passionate about.

Heart Of Me is  off of their new album, Under Fire. Let's welcome Green River Ordinance to Central Minnesota!

Green River Ordinance Interview Part 1:

GRO - Heart Of Me Video

Green River Ordinance Interview Part 2:

Here is more info on TheHopeGros - Let's all give back to those less fortunate and have great music to remind us of our caring hearts!