I remember watching this as a kid. In fact, this song has become one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time. But I didn't realize that the David Bowie/ Bing Crosby duet almost didn't happen.

Bing Crosby's kids were on the set and they have shared some of their memories.

Apparently, David Bowie was in his "Ziggy Stardust" phase. He and his wife walked through the door with bright red hair, full make-up, and shiny earrings. But the producers were having none of that back in 1977. So they wiped off the make up, fixed the hair, took out the earrings, and he was good to go.

When they sat down at the piano together, Bing and David realized how talented the other really was. They both relaxed, and magic was made.

The whole Christmas special was wonderful. Sadly, Bing passed away a month later.