Does it seem like men have stopped holding doors, pulling out chairs and the like? Modern men seem to think moves like that are creepy, but here are some old fashioned ways to keep chivalry alive without being ookie. 

Putting an Arm Around You if You're Cold - Manheaters are wonderful. Giving us your coat is great but if we really like you, we want to be close to you, so just put your arm around our shoulder because we don't like being cold. Offering us your coat without us having to ask is great, but the arm is better.

Holding Our Purse - This means we trust you. Our whole lives are in that bag. Just hold it. No one is going to think it's yours. Hold it and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Letting Us Order First - It's just plain old nice. Don't order for us, though.

Offering Me a Bite - If you know we like it and almost ordered it ourselves, giving us a bite won't kill you. Just please, oh please, do not feed us.

Looking Both Ways - Before we cross the street, double check that no cars are coming. Sometimes we're so love struck with you, we have a tendency to not watch where we're going because we're focusing on you and counting on you to watch. It's nice to know that you care if we live or die. Plus, broken hips are not sexy.

Making Sure We Get Home - If we arrive separately to a date and you know it takes us 20 minutes to get home, give us 30 minutes from when we part and then send a text to make sure the cab I hailed wasn't driven by a psychopath. Even if it's a thinly veiled excuse to tell us you had a good time, it's a good idea.

Letting Us Choose Our Seat - Whether it's in a restaurant, on the bus or at the movies it's just good manners to not bum rush the booth or hop the stairs two at a time to get to the back left corner at the theater.

Offering to Carry Heavy Bags - Whether it's shopping bags, grocery bags or our carry-on. If you can see that we are having trouble, be a good sherpa and take them off our hands.

Walking Close to Traffic - If we're taking a stroll, offer to walk on the sidewalk closest to the cars. It lessens the risk of someone coming up on a scooter and grabbing our purse or running us over. Plus, there are oftentimes grates on the sidewalk and our high heels get caught in the grating.