We all know Magic Mike hits theaters this weekend where Channing Tatum is a male stripper. He was one before he was famous, and we now have a video of those days!

TMZ has footage of him doing two different dance routines. The first is the end of his Y.M.C.A routine and of course the big deal is him messing up his routine. Do we care? NOPE!! He's even wearing a grass skit. The second looks like they guys are going to sacrifice a woman until Tarzan saves her?  So it's not quite the juicy video you were hoping for, but still. Look at his tones abs!! I think we can forgive him for his lack of rhythm. But who's really paying attention to the moves?

I've never seen a male stripper performance, is this what they are like?

Are you going to see "Magic Mike" this weekend?

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