Many celebrities will be getting their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year, but how do they get the star in the first place?

You really don't have to be a Hollywood 'big shot' to have a star. Write a song, star in a commercial, or just be an extra in a movie. Sure, the bigger celebrities are more popular on the Walk of Fame, but hey...wouldn't it be cool to have your own star even if you are not even close to Johnny Depp status? Here's how they make it happen, it's easier than you may think.

Step One: Have someone nominate you

Step Two: Pay $25,000

Step Three: Show up for the unveiling

See, pretty gosh darn simple. Or you can always have your photo taken by celebrities who will have their Stars next year and photoshop it to say tour name!

Here are some of the "Big Stats" of the 2013 Hollywood Walk of Fame inductees:

What "Stars" would you like to go see at the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

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