For various reasons, some celebrities don't finish high school. Some never go back, while others go back and get their GEDs.

I think it's very honorable of them to finish. IF, that's a big if, they save their money and don't waste it on silly things, after their career hits a peak they really don't need to worry about "working" for the rest of their lives. They really don't need to further their education to make a living, but they do and that is very cool. To me it is their way of showing their fans that it's important to get an education and to finish what you started.

Here's some of the celebs who went back at got their GED:

Getty Images

Katy Perry
Michael J. Fox
Paris Hilton
Jessica Simpson
Mark Wahlberg
Angelina Jolie
Tobey Maguire
Rob Thomas
Bill Cosby.

Perez Hilton has a list of more celebrities that have their GED, click here to see their photos if you need a refresher on who they are.

Any of the above celebrities surprise you that they either dropped out or when back to get their GED?

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