Good news! I just recently stopped giggling when I hear the word caucus. I think that should be the real indicator as to if you're ready to vote for the leader of the free world.
All that said I still have no idea how Super Tuesday really works, and when I hear it explained its like my brain shuts off. So if you’re like me here is what caucusing and Super Tuesday are in the simplest terms possible.
A caucus is basically a group of people who all belong to the same political party and they meet to select their candidate. They all talk and try to sell to the other party members on why their candidate is the best.
Super Tuesday is the day when the most states hold their caucuses (I'm sorry I just started laughing when I was writing that). The candidate that gets the most votes on this day will go on to secure the nomination for their party, and most likely hold an awesome party to celebrate.
Basically today we are voting for who we want to run for president. I see it as us voting for whose commercials we want to watch for the next eight months. Vote wisely.
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