When you live the Hollywood lifestyle, you give up a lot of private life, it seems that big brother owns you.

There is everything to the Lindsay Lohan/Nicole Ritchie bad driving club to the bitter battles of Hollywood divorce, baby before bride situations, who's gaining and who's losing weight, whose being stalked and threatened, who said what to who, let's face it we read(and hear) the media bible which comes from many a different source.

Oddly enough we aren't so much in the spotlight as some but we are no different.

The conversation piece of the present is that the new Catwoman maybe pregnant. Anne Hathaway is already set to wed fiance' Adam Shulman.

The recent viewing of Anne and Adam out dining with relatives in Manhattan. No alcohol drinking for Anne and the appearance of what seems to a bun in the oven.  The word from Anne's camp is "No Comment."

Like anything else only time will tell.

Enjoy a snippet of Anne and her voice on the role as the new 'Catwoman" in The Dark Knight Rises.