A Wisconsin woman recently saved two cats from a humane society and they recently returned the favor.

Amy Jung said that she was having a diabetic seizure in her sleep and one of the new kitties named Pudding started head butting her and biting her face in an attempt to wake her up. When Amy came to, she started calling out for her son, Ethan who was sleeping in another room. Well, Ethan didn't hear his mother, so Pudding sprang into action again. Pudding ran into Ethan's room and woke him up.

Ethan was able to wake up and help his mother out and her doctors say that if Pudding hadn't woken her up, this story would have a different ending. Pudding has now been registered as a therapy animal and is trained to meow if he senses Amy's blood sugar levels are out of whack.

Who knew you could train a cat?