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Woman Gets Note From Husband Trapped on 9/11 – Ten Years Later
You've heard the last voice mails and answering machine messages from those that were trapped or on the hijacked airplanes on September 11, but a hand written note from a man who was stuck inside the World Trade Center fell out of the sky that day, and ten years later, it was turned over to his…
What Does it Take to Be an Olympian?
Do you watch the Olympics in amazement like I do? Do you ever sit there and wonder what it takes to do what these athletes are accomplishing? So do I so I looked it up. You want to be an Olympic athlete? Here's what you need.
Olympic Update – Huge Weekend for U.S.
How many medals did we win over the weekend, how long does it take to win a medal, why you should know the name Oscar Pistorius, another Olympian got sent home and another wonderful display of sportsmanship.

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