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Do You Give Gifts To Your Co-Workers? [POLL]
I struggle with this problem every year. I am more into giving gifts than I am receiving them. With that being said, I usually find myself trying to give gifts to everyone I know. That can get expensive. Where does it end? So, I'm looking to you for help. Do you give gifts to your co-workers? …
Real Vs Fake: How Do You Like Your Christmas Tree? [POLL]
It's time to start thinking about what type of tree to put up this year. There are tons of choices too! You could put up a real tree, you could buy a fake tree, you could buy a fake pre-lite tree, you could buy a fake tree with fake snow on it, you could buy a white tree, or you could even…
You Know You’re From Sauk Rapids, MN If…
Sauk Rapids could have been a major city in Minnesota had it not gone through a huge cyclone in the 1880s. It's OK though, you grew up here and loved your small town experience. If you're from Sauk Rapids, be loud and proud!
Things To Do In Central Minnesota On Halloween
If you're like me, you'll probably stay home, pass out candy, watch Halloween movies and make some sort of festive food--or eat pounds of candy. But, if you're looking for something else to do on Halloween here are a few alternatives.

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