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Sick? There’s an App for That
Glen and I recently had some sort of creeping crud and it was brutal. Now that we’re feeling better and the cleanup is over, I learned that we can fight colds and flu with our smartphones. If you’re sick, there’s an app for that.
Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday
Today is what is known in the retail world as Cyber Monday, where shoppers flock to the Internet to score deals that aren't offered in store. Here are a few ways to survive the day with your credit and identity in tact.
Bad Date? There’s an App for That
I've been on my share of bad dates, thanks to a bet I lost a few years ago. It used to be that I would have my best friend Amy call me and we had a code so she could get me out of the date if it was going horribly, now, thanks to technology there's an app for bad dates.
Dick Clark Dead at 82
I was just heartbroken when I heard the news of Dick Clark's passing yesterday. He was a huge part of my childhood and I, along with countless others owe him a debt of gratitude.
Why You Shouldn’t Buy the New iPad
Everyone wants a shiny new thing. Especially when it's something as cool as an iPad. I've tinkered with one and they're really, really cool. They also cost a pretty penny and Apple just released the latest version and I WANT ONE, but I found some reasons to wait.

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