Minnesota Travelers Guide to San Diego [PHOTOS]
As most of you have probably heard by now I spent the past week in beautiful San Diego, California visiting family. This is the third year in a row my sister and I flew out to see our cousins -- and let me tell you every visit is a success.
When’s The Best Time To Book A Flight?
We came across a website that analyzed prices for over four million flights in 2013. They found the best time to book a domestic flight in the U.S. is 54 days before you plan to depart. If you booked any sooner or later, you paid a much higher fee.
How to Get a Good Seat on the Plane
Is there anything worse than being crammed in the middle seat in the middle of the plane for upwards of three hours? Ugh. Here are a few tips to help you get a good seat the next time you fly.

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