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Sun Damage Myths Busted
The Sun. I love it. It makes me happy when I see it. It makes things grow. It's great, but you know what isn't great? Sun damage. Here are a few sun damage myths busted.
The Best Things to Say in a Job Interview
When we walk away from a job interview, hopefully we feel good about what we said and how we interacted with the person or people interviewing us. Some of us are good at what we do, but we aren't the best in an interview situation. Here are a few pointers to use so we can nail the interview and…
Cool Buys on a Budget
I love scoring a good deal. Sometimes, the deals I get are so good, I call my mother to tell her about it. Here are a few cool things for your house that won't cost you a fortune.
Back To School Basics
I hate even saying "back to school" but in less than a month, the buses will be back. Here are a few ways you can avoid losing your mind while getting routines down and schedules organized.
Are You Accidentally Killing Your Career?
The business world is an ever changing place. I've even witnessed it in radio. Sometimes traditional wisdom doesn't always apply. Here are four things we're doing that may be killing our careers.
How to Protect Yourself From Summer Bugs
We here in Minnesota have our annual summer pest, mosquitoes to deal with and they're bad enough with the slapping and the itching, but some summer bugs can have worse and even deadly consequences. Here's how to protect yourself.
When to Use Cash, Debit or Credit
I got my nails done yesterday and saw a sign that said they only accept checks or cash as payment. OK, A.) Who carries cash and, B.) Who writes checks? I was just planning on using my debit card, but nope! So that got me thinking, when is it OK to use cash, when should you use the credit card and wh…
How to Prevent Wrecking Your Morning
My morning starts about an hour and a half before the rest of the world, so I need mornings to be as mechanical and mistake proof as possible. Here are a few ways I keep my morning from getting ruined.

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