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Tips To Forgive Instead Of Let Anger Rule Your Life
Learning to let go of the anger and forgive people can be very difficult to do...But in the long run, our desire to hang on to that hostility only hurts us. It can lead to serious illness, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, depression. Here are some tips to getting rid of those feelings.
The Top Mistakes That Divorced Parents Make
Our children are stuck in the middle of two worlds. Even though you and your spouse are now apart, hopefully with time, you can forgive the mistakes you've both made, and live in peace. Along your journey, you DO have the ability to reverse the damage that you may have unintentionally caused y…
Am I Saying The Wrong Things To My Kids?
What have you been saying to your kids to build their confidence? It could be that you are actually making them dependent on your compliments. Check out our list of what you should and should not be saying.
Signs That You’ve Married The Right Guy
How do you know for sure that you married the right guy? Or better yet...that you are looking at the right one to marry?

We've got some great sweet things that those men do to really let you know you made the right choice when you chose them.
How to Fall Back to Sleep
It has happened to all of us at one time or another: We’ve woken up in the middle of the night for whatever reason and we can’t get back to sleep. Here’s how to get back to dreamland; and quickly.
What to Buy in March
It’s March. We may be thinking of warmer weather and going on a buying spree for short sleeves, but wait. You can score some huge deals in other departments. Here’s what to buy and what not to buy this month.
What To Do Before You Hand Your Kid Your Phone
The kid is getting fussy and wants to play on your phone or tablet while you wait. You hand it over knowing that they’ll quiet down, but have you taken proper precautions to make sure nothing gets messed up in the process?
The Four Worst Coworkers and How to Deal
It’s Monday. We’re back at work, and that also means we’re back at work dealing with our coworkers. Overall, you like most of your coworkers, but there are some you wish would go jump in the lake. Well, the lakes are frozen right now, so here are a few…

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