Santa Claus

7 Adorable ‘Santa Babies’ [PHOTOS]
slighning, Flickr/, Flickr
Every family has its strange holiday traditions and some of those include dressing up tiny, innocent infants as the world's most famous elderly gift giver. Here's a list of the 7 different kinds of Santa Babies you might en…
Morning Mix Show Notes 12/19
Get a lousy gift? What do you do with it? What are you most looking forward to this Christmas and how in the heck does Santa Claus get gifts to all of the children in the whole world?
The 10 Weirdest Santa Claus Collectibles Available
Axel Bührmann, Flickr/ToyVault/Kevin Dooley, Flickr
Santa Claus! The Jolly Old Elf! The Guy In The Red Suit Hanging From a Hook On The Ceiling! Wait, what? Sure there's plenty of delightfully fun figurines of Old Saint Nick, but there's a few far too disturbing and bizarre fo…
Morning Mix Show Notes 10/20
Real Product or Not, speaking of which - you're not going to believe what's in the new Christmas catalogs and a quick reminder as to why you need to finish your to-do list today.