How to Get Ready for Back to School
It's that time of year again. Parents are rejoicing and kids are groaning as it's time to go back to school. Here's how to get them - and you - ready for it. Kids, I'm with you.
A Visit To Paul Bunyan Land
I continued my quest this past weekend to find another great place to include in my "Day-Cation" series. My family and I love the Brainerd Lakes Area and decided to take a trip north to visit Paul Bunyan Land.
Is Everything Hazardous to Our Health?
It seems like there's something new every day that's hazardous to your health and usually it's like, "Well duh" but these are every day things that could be harming you and your family.
Fireworks Safety Tips
With the recent rain we had, it's not as dry as it was, but many areas are still crunchy. If you're going to be setting off fireworks, here are a few tips to not set a fire in the process.

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