How to Talk to Kids About Drugs
With the arrest of Justin Bieber yesterday and talk of legalizing marijuana in Minnesota all over the news, what should you say when your kids ask about drugs?
How to Get Rid of Leftover Candy
This year, like years past, kids probably got a lot more candy than they can eat before next Halloween, so here are a few things that you can do with the candy your little ghosts and goblins can’t eat.
Candy Eating Tips From The Dentist
Most will tell you not to even put it in your mouth, but these cool dentists are here to tell you what to eat because it's the day after Halloween and they know you're going to do it anyway.
Is Your Child Being Bullied?
We’re entering into another school year, and with that can come the bullies. Kids aren’t always going to admit that they’re being bullied, so here are a few ways to tell if your kids are being bullied.

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