Police Pay a Visit to Dad Who Shot His Daughter’s Laptop
Ever since he filmed himself shooting his daughter’s laptop with a .45 handgun, opinions have been sharply divided over Tommy Jordan’s brand of extreme parenting. In fact, someone who disagrees with his methods called police to his North Carolina home. But instead of …
Make a Valentine’s Day Feeder for the Birds
My girl and I love a holiday and especially a holiday that involves a lot of chocolate. Yesterday, we decided to get busy on a Valentine's feeder for the birds...tomorrow, we'll move on to the chocolate. Oh, who are we kidding? We're about ten minutes away from some chocolate!
Top Baby Names at St. Cloud Hospital
There were 2,662 babies born at St. Cloud hospital last year – 20 fewer than the year before – and it’s the fewest babies born at the hospital in the past five years. Two monikers top the list of the most popular names parents gave their kids born in 2011 at the hospital.
Got a New Baby? Yes, There’s an App for That
Between feedings, diapers and naps, new parents have a lot to think about. And yes, for all you inquiring tech-savvy parents, there’s an app to help track all that. In fact, there are several. The real question, however, is, “Are they worth the download?”
Hey Moms, It Could Be Your Fault Your Kid Is Overweight
Childhood obesity is soaring. In fact, about a third of US children are currently overweight or obese — and a new study may reveal one big cause.
Researchers found toddlers who have a poor relationship with their moms could be twice as likely to be obese by the time they turn 15, possibly becau…

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