Making the Bus Monitor Cry [VIDEO]
The children of the Greece School District in New York bullied their 68 year old bus monitor until she cried. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth watching.
The Doctors Got This One Right!
If the nation's largest group of doctors all agree on something - it must be a great idea.
The American Medical Association agreed yesterday, to support requiring yearly obesity instructions for kids.
This is long overdue - childhood obesity is a serious problem for many American kids...
Visit The Minnesota Military Museum
The second stop on my "Day-Cation" tour was at Camp Ripley to tour the Minnesota Military Museum. Camp Ripley is a state-owned 53,000 acre military training center located on the Mississippi River just seven miles north of Little Falls.
Root Beer Float Cupcakes
It's going to be hot today. The kids may be bored and are going to want a cool treat. Here's a recipe to curb their treat cravings and a fun project for everyone.
Healthy Fast Food Choices for Kids
Everyone nowadays pretty much lives an on the go life. Rushing the kids to day care, play dates, games and practices, a lot of us are guilty of just swinging in to the drive thru. We try and make the healthy choice for our kids, but sometimes not even the healthy choice is really all that healthy. H…
Happy Father’s Day
I wanted to take a chance to say Happy Father's Day to all the Father's that listen to the Mix! Its the most rewarding job on the planet and a role I can't get enough of.
Create a Mud Pie Play Space for Summer Fun
What's better if you're a kid (or that kid's parent) than summer, playing outside, getting dirty and using your imagination? Nothing. So, this summer we created a mud pie play space that's super easy, inexpensive and has kept my girl busily baking treats for hours.
Adventure On The Mississippi
My family and I wanted to do something a little different this past weekend. We always talk about doing more stuff outdoors and trying to enjoy Central Minnesota more.
How to Stay Safe on the Water
Summer unofficially begins this weekend! What better way to cool off than to hit one of Minnesota's ten thousand plus lakes? It's a great idea, but when was the last time you had a refresher course in water safety? Here are just a few ways to safe on the lake this summer.

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