Pin-Trying: DIY Rainbow Highlighter [Video]
As usual, the pin-trying project this week is a messy one!
I attempt to make rainbow facial highlighter. It was a beauty craze that swept the internet, until it sold out. It hasn't been restocked yet so I attempted to make my own!
If I hadn't done the last "extra special" s…
Abbey Interviews Bronze Radio Return [Video]
Last week I chatted with Chris and Rob from Bronze Radio Return. We talked about their new single, "Only Temporary", their music video ideas for it! They also dropped some big information on their secret "Cinco de Mixo" project they have been working on...
Barry’s Blazing Challenge [Video]
Barry challenged Abbey and Shannon to a habanero wing eating competition, and lets just say things got heated! Tears were shed and there is a surprise plot twist you don't want to miss! You can check it out in the video above!
5 Things to do Instead of Fish This Weekend
If I am being honest, I am not real big on fishing. I have been deep sea fishing in Mexico (see picture), but my idea of fishing is laying on a boat on a hot summer day, and getting a tan. That will not be the story of this year's opener...

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