Calling All Cheeto Lovers!
Two big things are happening in the world of Cheetos!
First off Burger King announced they are creating the new king of ridiculous fast food, deep fried Cheetos stuffed with mac n' cheese. I didn't even think a combination that holy was possible, but Burger King figured it out and they will be availa…
Abbey Interviews Ben of Bad Veins [Video]
I talked with Ben from the band Bad Veins about their new single, Under the Cover, what he has been up to teh past year and what is yet to come in 2016! Check it out in the video above and vote for Bad Veins in the New Music Flip or Flop!
New Music Flip or Flop: “Under the Cover” – Bad Veins [Poll]
The New Music Flip or Flop this week from North Crest Kids Activity Center is Bad Veins new song, "Under the Cover". I have been really digging this song lately and hoping it gets Flipped in!
I talked with Ben, the lead singer of Bad Veins, last week about the new song, music video …
Minnesota Problems
You don't realize how many Minnesota specific problems there are until you start to list them! Crack open an ice cold pop and check out this list of Minnesota Problems.
- Bringing a jello salad to a party in your "good" Tupperware, leaving it there, and being too polite t…
What is Your Favorite Break-Up Song? [Survey]
Recently my best friend broke up with her boyfriend. She is taking it really well and I am super happy for her to start on the next adventure in her life, but break up's are still a rough time.
It made me think about my favorite break-up songs. Nat...
Hula Hooping with Haley Reinhart [Video]
Haley Reinhart played at the Varsity Theater this past Monday night on her Better Tour and I was lucky enough to meet up with her before the show!
I got her a Mix 94.9 t-shirt and challenged her to a hula hooping contest! Check it out in the video above...

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