What is the Best Golf Course in the St. Cloud Area? [Poll]
It has been a beautiful summer for golfing! Most courses are in great condition and people are getting out and enjoying them! I have golfed a few courses in the St. Cloud area but I want to know from the Mix Insiders what the best course in the area is...
New Nintendo Game System to Come out Around Christmas
Bring on the childhood flashbacks, Nintendo just announced they are bringing back the NES, only a mini version!
It is going to look just like the original NES, comes with 30 built in games and will connect to your TV via HDMI chord. The controller is set to operate like the original rectangle co…
How Do You Defeat a Case of the Mondays?
Mondays are the worst. It is just a fact of life. A new survey found 64% of people hate Mondays. That number seems awfully low to me.
The survey also found a list of things people do to help them get through the Monday "blahs"
- Drink extra coffee...
Fourth of July Party Fouls
Neighborhood picnics are great! Until Gary from three houses down has a few too many Mich Golden Lights and starts double dipping in the guacamole bowl.
The hashtag #My4WordLateExcuse is trending on Twitter right now and some of the tweets are definitely worth a good laugh!

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