Fourth of July Party Fouls
Neighborhood picnics are great! Until Gary from three houses down has a few too many Mich Golden Lights and starts double dipping in the guacamole bowl.
The hashtag #My4WordLateExcuse is trending on Twitter right now and some of the tweets are definitely worth a good laugh!
Congrats to the New Sauk Rapids Community Ambassadors
The Sauk Rapids Community Ambassadors for 2016-2017 were crowned last night!
Allyson Walz, sponsored by Bernick’s;
Sydney Burk, sponsored by Furniture Closeout Center: and
Clo Meyer, sponsored by Fairview Gardens. (Clo Meyer also won the Evening Gown Competition!)
Is it weird if a stranger wants to pet your dog? [Poll]
I went to Summertime by George for the very first time last night. I had so much fun! There were so many dogs there and it was like heaven for me! I got to pet a bulldog, and two corgi's and so many other dogs.
I asked to pet the dogs before I did it but it got me thinking, do people think it is…

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