Odd News

What Does Your Ice Cream Say About You?
It's hot and one of my favorite cool treats is ice cream. It just doesn't taste the same in January. So, when we indulge what flavor indulge in apparently says a lot about us. What's your favorite flavor?
Father’s Day Is Getting Close!
What does the average American dad in Minnesota want this year for Father's day?
The answer surprised me, though I am much simpler and more "low tech" than most guys, to be sure.
Who Has The Best Boss?
Me, of course, but what about all of the other great bosses out there? Forbes has released the Favorite Bosses List. Is your boss on it?
The One Thing No Man Wants To Do!
Ladies - listen to me, and listen to me GOOD!
There is one thing that you absolutely CANNOT try and force your man to do against his will.
A study from scientists at Stanford University, claims that men, in general - are not capable of going on a successful DIET (Daily Mail)...
News That All Moms Probably Know!
Apparently, there IS a big advantage to waiting until you're a bit older, to have kids.  But wait until you're in your 40's?  That seems a bit too long, maybe, to me.
But I am certainly no expert on being a mother.
A study from the University of Virginia claims that children b…

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