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Candy Eating Tips From The Dentist
Most will tell you not to even put it in your mouth, but these cool dentists are here to tell you what to eat because it's the day after Halloween and they know you're going to do it anyway.
Things More Popular Than Congress
As the government shut down drags on, Congress is quickly losing popularity. In fact, Congress has just a five percent approval rating. So, what’s more popular than Congress right now? Think of the the thing you hate the most and it’s probably on this list.
More Cheap Date Ideas
Last week, I gave you a few cheap date ideas and I had a few comments and you asked for more, so here are a few more cheap date ideas.
Bag Restrictions Go Into Place for NFL Games
The NFL preseason begins tonight and as a huge football fan, I’m pretty excited. What I’m not excited for is the fact that for women only, bag restrictions go into place. Here are a few of my thoughts about that.
The Truth Behind Five Popular Infomercial Products
I am a sucker. This is no secret. I can’t watch the shop at home channels because I will end up in the poor house. If you’re a sucker like me or if you’re just curious if the product is as good as it sounds, here is a buying guide for the five most pop…
How to Improve Your Memory
Do you keep forgetting things? Having more "senior moments" than you should at your age? Here are a few ways to keep your brain sharp. Follow these directions and you'll be beating your kindergartner at the Memory game in no time!
Is Cold Weather Beneficial For Us?
Yeah, yeah, enduring cold weather "builds character" blah blah blah. But I was looking up a few things online about the effect cold weather has on us, and it turns out that cold weather can actually do us some good.
How to Avoid Being Scammed Online
Manti T'eo is all the talk in the sports world lately because of the dead girlfriend hoax. Sure there are a million jokes out there, but being scammed online is no laughing matter. Here are a few ways to avoid it.

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