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#Make A Band Ancient [Top Tweets]
This. Hashtag. Is. Amazing. I have been laughing about these tweets all day! The hashtag #MakeABandAncient is trending on Twitter and it is definitely helping me get through Thursday!
Your Dog Has Dreams About You!
A new study out of Harvard (it has to be accurate right?) found that when your dog is sleeping, they could be having dreams about you!
Humans have dreams about things that happen to us, or could potentially happen to us during the day and researchers have reason to believe that it is no differen…
Everyday Things That Have An Important Purpose
If you are anything like me, you sometimes wonder what purpose certain household items serve. Like the holes on pen caps and the mini pocket in the pocket of jeans! Here is a list of everyday things that actually serve a real purpose!
- When you buy super nice clothes (which I don't do oft…
What Was the Song of the Summer? [Poll]
With the weather getting colder and the trees starting to change colors, (already?! Why?!) we say goodbye to summer of 2016 and welcome in our fall wardrobe and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
Summer 2016 will be remembered fondly for Taylor Swift's brief love story with Tom Hiddleston, Simone Biles stealing o…
How Do You Defeat a Case of the Mondays?
Mondays are the worst. It is just a fact of life. A new survey found 64% of people hate Mondays. That number seems awfully low to me.
The survey also found a list of things people do to help them get through the Monday "blahs"
- Drink extra coffee...

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