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Even French Bulldogs Cry to Adele Songs
There’s no denying that Adele has amazing vocal chops. But it’s the fact she sings with pure, raw emotion that’s made her a star. This depressed French bulldog, who cries to a song by the British songstress, seems keenly aware of this.
Woman Pledges to Eat Chinese Food Everyday for an Entire Year
A lot of people use their New Years’ resolutions to encourage themseves to branch out, explore new places, try new things. But what about trying a very familiar thing, every single day, for the entire year? That’s what Victoria Bemkiempes of The Village Voice is setting out to do.
She’s determined to…
Child Writes Letter to 49ers Receiver
Following two fumbles in his team's loss to the New York Giants, one San Francisco 49ers player faced ridicule and death threats, but a seven year old decided to write him a letter in hopes of making him feel better.
Vodka is Magical?
Not only does vodka make a great martini, here are ten other uses for it. Plus, my recipe for a fantastic Bloody Mary.

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