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Family Kicked Off Plane for Unruly Two-Year-Old Speaks Out
Last month, two-year-old Natalie was getting ready to take off on a JetBlue flight with her parents and her sister from Turks and Caicos to Boston. As two-year-olds are known to do, little Natalie started to throw a fit. After about five minutes of some pretty intense screaming, Dr. Colette Vieau an…
Facebook Rats Out Man With Two Wives
Sadly, he did not live in St. Ives, but Alan O’Neill did, in fact, have two wives. The really sad thing, though, is that it wasn’t because he was cheating. He had two wives because he was lazy and passive aggressive.
Man Walks Around the World in 11 Years
For some guys, a sports car and a new wife just aren’t good enough to shake off a mid-life crisis. A Canadian man decided to take a jog to keep his depression at bay. He just returned home — 11 years later. The Vancouver Sun explains how it all started.
School Hosts Gallery of Fail
Normally, parents post tests on the fridge when little junior gets an A or a B. Well, there's one school in England that took a whole pile of failed tests and posted them as part of a gallery.
What Do We Eat That Makes Us Smarter?
A study shows that people who regularly eat this score better on tests, but there's always a downside. It's kind of fattening, but you can always use the excuse that you're eating your way to a genius IQ.
10 Tanning Fails That Will Make You Blush, If You Can
The weather can make it tough to get a golden tan all year ’round. So when you need that sun-kissed look at the wrong time of year, you have to take matters into your own hands. It is not at all uncommon to turn to tanning beds, self-applied tans or spray tans, but these don’t always go the way they…

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