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Gift Cards: Yes or No?
TD Bank has rolled out the results of their holiday shopping survey and found out who is giving a gift card and who actually wants to get one.
10 Crazy Videos of Hurricane Sandy
Truthfully, we missed most of Hurricane Sandy, the storm that rocked most of the East Coast, yesterday. Because we were inside ... away from the windows, with our curtains closed ... like we were supposed to be. These people weren't, however, so now we can see what was going on outside while we were…
Lost Boy Survives By Cuddling With Puppies
Last Wednesday, a 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome was found alive in the woods after he went missing from his home the previous day. But here's the part that the internet will love -- he survived by huddling with a pack of puppies for warmth. Sadly, no cats or corgis were involved as far as …
This Little Girl Is Way Smarter Than You (and Einstein)
Twelve-year-old Olivia Manning (not pictured) is a freaking genius. With an IQ of 162, this pre-teen savant is proving to be one of the greatest minds since Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.
Manning recently scored two points higher on her I.Q. test than the father of the atomic age, Albert Einste…
Woman Gets Note From Husband Trapped on 9/11 – Ten Years Later
You've heard the last voice mails and answering machine messages from those that were trapped or on the hijacked airplanes on September 11, but a hand written note from a man who was stuck inside the World Trade Center fell out of the sky that day, and ten years later, it was turned over to his…
Fun Facts About Coffee
I love coffee. I love the color. I love the smell. I love the taste. I love research. I love facts. Here, worlds collide. I did some research and dug up some facts about that precious brown liquid that begins so many days for us.
NFL Player Picks Up the Check for School Sports
The usual headlines surrounding the NFL is that this player wants more money, this player has a hang nail and can't play for a month or this player got into trouble. Here's a good piece of news about a football player who paid for everyone to play sports.

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