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Superheroes Dominate Summer Movie Battle
If you've been hearing the geeks and guys in your household talk in whispers lately, don't panic- we're just trying to figure out how to scam the massive amount of ching needed for the impending killer batch of summer hero filcks. Norse Immortals, returning mutants, space-faring …
Ileana’s Movie Review: Rio
The makers of Ice Age have decided to go tropical for their newest adventure. Blu is a rare macaw who unexpectedly ends up in Moose Lake Minnesota. One day an ornithological expert named Tulio comes to Minnesota to visit Blu. Tulio tries to convince Linda to take Blu down to Rio De Janeiro to meet J…
Ileana’s Movie Review: The Conspirator
Most people are aware that John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln on April 15th, 1865. What many don’t know is what happened to those accused of conspiring with Booth. There was one woman arrested. This is her story.
Win Tickets To The Premiere of ‘Water For Elephants’
Listen this week for your chance to win tickets to see Water for Elephants opening night, April 22nd, at the Parkwood 18 theatre. You and a friend will be put on the VIP List. Not only will you get to see the movie for free you will also be provided with soda and popcorn...
Ileana’s Movie Review: Hanna
Hanna has lived in near solitude her whole life. She has been raised by her father Erik in the forests of Finland isolated from the rest of the world. There he trains Hanna to become the perfect assassin. Her mission is to find and kill Marissa, the agent responsible for her mother’s death.
Ileana’s Movie Review: Your Highness
Prince Thadeous is the lazy, incompetent brother of Prince Fabious and always living in his shadow. When Fabious’ fiancé Belladonna is kidnapped by an evil wizard, Thadeous is ordered to accompany Fabious on the quest to rescue her.
Ileana’s Movie Review: Arthur
Arthur is a drunken man-child who spends his days causing trouble and squandering his vast fortune. In an attempt to finally mature him his mother arranges a marriage to Susan, a woman he does not love or even like.

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