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Morning MIX Show Notes 11/29
The Beebs is THE most searched person on the web and he's grounded-The 12 Days of Christmas is even more expensive- everyday technology that lies to us every day and The Morning MIX Singers get cozy with Herman Cain.
How Much Will The 12 Days of Christmas Cost You?
There are a lot of gifts that my true love gave to me as part of the 12 Days of Christmas and a wealth management group has put together a study to find out how much all of that stuff will cost if you actually bought it all.
Holiday Stress? It May be Your Decorations
With Thanksgiving 2011 in the history books, a lot of people are going to be breaking out the Christmas decorations. Be careful, though. Apparently you can ruin your holiday with poor decoration placement.
One Stop Shop for Gifts for the Entire Family
Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa and the dog all on your shopping list? Can't figure out what to buy? Here's a one stop shop for gifts for all of them, but be careful. You may end up on Awkward Family Photos in the process.
Black Friday Waffle Maker Riot and MORE
Black Friday Shopping got way out of hand at a Wal-Marts across America- These maniacs were after a waffle-maker that was discounted by 2 bucks, pepper-sprayed fellow shoppers and a guy was arrested for protecting his grandson from idiot shoppers. See ALL the videos here-
Jen’s Tasty Turkey Meatloaf
Growing up, I was never a big fan of meatloaf. How can one expect a child of eight to appreciate a loaf of meat? Bleck. Well, I married a man who loves meatloaf, so guess what? I tried my hand at it (with a frozen pizza on standby) and the meatloaf turned out great! Here's the recipe.
What to Watch on Thanksgiving Besides Football
If you're like me, on Thanksgiving you like to eat until your eyes bleed, unhook your pants and turn on the TV. Unfortunately for some, football seems to dominate the viewing schedule. If you aren't in the mood to yell at the TV, here are some other things to watch besides football.
When Animals Attack [VIDEO]
Recently, a reporter went to investigate a story of turkeys attacking residents in Sacramento, California. Turns out the story was true because the fowl ran afoul and came after her. Check it out.

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