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Morning MIX Show Notes 12/5
Rental toys for the kids: good idea or not? Find out what you told us- and The Morning MIX Singers remind us what the holidays are really about.
How to Prepare Your Car for Winter
The weather is turning colder and meteorological winter is here, which means "real" winter isn't far behind. To me, one of the worst things is car trouble and car trouble compounded with cold weather? No, thanks. Here are a few ways to prepare your car for the cold weather. ..…
Burger King Changes Their Fries
Burger King is changing their french fries for the first time in 13 years and I squealed in horror when I saw the news because I absolutely love their french fries and if you haven't had the new fries yet, here's what's in store.
Morning MIX Show Notes 11/30
Today we found out what you dread about the holidays, revealed the happiest and the saddest cities in the US and yes, we have a video for 'The Ugly Sweater' song!
Ten Delicious Holiday Foods
One thing I love about the holiday season is all of the wonderful flavors and spices that come out this time of year. Ginger, peppermint, pumpkin and apples and cinnamon are some of my favorites. Tomorrow is December, so now is the time to enjoy all of these delicious treats, but the folks at one we…

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