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Morning Mix Show Notes 12/12
A cat in Italy just inherited more money than you or I will ever see, the three things happy people have in common and the most hated Christmas songs in the history of the universe.
Morning MIX Show Notes 12/9
Movie premieres at Parkwood 17, The Morning MIX Carolers go shopping with Peter K and get easy Insider Rewards Points if you can identify today's 'Secret Celebrity'!
Could This Be the Perfect Diet for the Holidays?
One concern I always have around the holidays is gaining weight. When researchers did this study, I'm pretty sure they didn't have the holidays in mind, but this sounds totally manageable and it's just in time if you want to get a jump start on your New Year's weight loss goals. …
Morning MIX Show Notes 12/7
This morning we had some tips on finding the toys your kids are asking for, that you can't find anywhere- and Einstein, head of The MIX Science Labs stopped by with the weekly Team Trivia Question for MIX It Up Wednesdays Trivia at TGI Fridays.
Morning MIX Show Notes 12/6
This morning we erected The Festivus Pole (the feats of strength and airing of grievances come later), Ileana stopped by with her bag full of DVDs and if you have a not-so-good friend, we have some 'Evil Gift' ideas for you.
New Study Finds Ten Most Common Passwords
Is your password on this list? If it is, you should probably change it immediately. Even if it's for your favorite online pizza ordering websites because Internet hackers like pizza, too, I'm sure.

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