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Cranky Crocodile Makes Off with Mower [VIDEO]
I feel like doing this sometimes when people are mowing their lawn at 7:30am on a Saturday and it wakes me out of a sound sleep, but Elvis the Crocodile had had enough and attacked a noisy lawn mower at the Australian Reptile Park where he lives. Check it out.
Morning Mix Show Notes 12-28
An elderly couple gives their secret for a long and happy marriage, why having a gun in your pants is a bad thing and the speeds on the country’s fastest roads has dropped. Are we safer or just cheap?
Morning Mix Show Notes 12/27
How often do you hit the drive thru? It's true! Men take longer than women to get ready for work and how to get your kids to eat their vegetables.
‘The Hobbit’ Trailer Premieres on Facebook [VIDEO]
Peter Jackson's life-long journey to bring J.R.R. Tolkien's literary works to life takes another bold step forward today (Wednesday) with the release of 'The Hobbit- An Unexpected Journey' trailer. It appeared on The Hobbit Movie's Facebook page late last night.

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