Morning MIX

Why You Should Compliment Total Strangers
"Great sweater!" "I love your necklace." You know how wonderful it feels when someone you don't know says something nice like that to you, but you've always hesitated to say something like that to someone you don't know. Well, here are a few reasons why you should…
19 TV Theme Songs in 2 Minutes
We played this for you this morning- it's by a group called The Koren Ensemble- they've put (as far as we can tell)19 classic TV themes into one song. Well done! Can you name the themes?
Words That Need to be Banished
Linguists at a school in Michigan have released their annual list of words and phrases that are overused and worn out. Here is what they're asking us to stop using.
Hot Baby Names for 2012
There seems to be more pregnant people around me than ever before and several of my friends and family members had babies in 2011. If you're expecting, hoping to have a baby or know someone who is, here are the predictions for the hottest baby names for 2012.
New Year’s Resolutions Not to Make
We're all making a list and checking it twice about some changes we'd like to make in the new year. Most of us will not succeed. I know. I've done it over and over again and if there's one thing I've learned it's to not have such lofty goals. Making resolutions is a goo…

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