Morning MIX

Morning Mix Show Notes 10/3
The Mix 94.9 $5000 Fugitive is still on the lam, whether we know it or not, we're cheating on our partners and Peter had some trouble with the copier this morning thanks to a lazy coworker, so I dug up some other dirt on what our coworkers do that drive us bonkers.
Morning Mix Show Notes 9/30
That smarmy thieving letch The Fugitive called to taunt us again, office pet peeves, your bank is going to start hosing you again and are self-check-outs going away?
Funny Friday [VIDEO] – Drummer at the Wrong Gig
These guys aren't a terrible band, but I do think that the drummer feels they're holding him back. He drums like he should be on stage with a heavy metal group playing a stadium in L.A. instead of a church basement somewhere in rural Wisconsin.
Morning Mix Show Notes 9/29
The inventor of Doritos has died. What will he be buried with? Good versus evil: What do we really use Facebook for? Speaking of evil, The Fugitive called us again this morning.
Morning Mix Show Notes 9/28
Advice you don't need to follow anymore, Hallmark has found a new way to get us to fork over $3.50 and that creep that stole our money is back and gave us a clue as to where he may be hanging out.
Morning Mix Show Notes 9/26
The Marines are playing Finders Keepers, what's in Bill Clinton's box of papers and the money that we were going to give you is gone. Seriously.
Morning Mix Show Notes 9/23
What's new at Parkwood 18? What other changes are coming to Facebook? Plus, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is in hot water for a death row inmate's last meal.
Adele Forgives the Ex-Boyfriend Who Inspired ’21′
Chanteuse Adele, whose smash album ’21′ has sold an estimated 10 million copies and is the best-selling album of 2011 in both the US and the singer’s native UK, recently told Spinner that she’s mended fences with the man who broke her heart and inspired the songs on the …

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