Morning MIX

Morning Mix Show Notes 11/2
What's in your garage? It could be worth thousands! The last time we ever talk about Kim Kardashian and why complaining on Twitter can actually do some good for humanity.
Morning Mix Show Notes 10/27
What does your Halloween candy say about you? Does junk food really cause nightmares? Too lazy to make a Halloween costume? We have costume ideas for you.
Morning Mix Show Notes 10/26
Undead or Canadian, haven't decided on a costume yet? We have the most popular costumes for 2011. And some really scary information about germs on surfaces we touch every day.
Morning Mix Show Notes 10/20
Real Product or Not, speaking of which - you're not going to believe what's in the new Christmas catalogs and a quick reminder as to why you need to finish your to-do list today.

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