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Dumb Stuff We Do on Facebook and How to Knock it Off
I really like Facebook, and it's where a lot of us spend the majority of our time when we're on line. It's so useful, but it can be a source of annoyance and what we do on the site can even be really embarrassing or even get us in trouble and we don't even know that we're ma…
Ten Things Every Woman Should Know How to Do
When I moved out, my dad gave me my own tool kit. He knew from me following him around the house and garage that I knew how to use them. He also told me that if I got stuck to call him and he would walk me through it. Now, here are ten things we women should know how to do on our own.
Can YOU Cook?
Jen and I reported earlier this week  that the average women today would rather have their husband more talented in the kitchen than in the bedroom.  Well it looks like the ladies are getting their wish!!
Vodka is Magical?
Not only does vodka make a great martini, here are ten other uses for it. Plus, my recipe for a fantastic Bloody Mary.
Morning MIX Show Notes 11/30
Today we found out what you dread about the holidays, revealed the happiest and the saddest cities in the US and yes, we have a video for 'The Ugly Sweater' song!

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