Funny Friday Video

Funny Friday [VIDEO] – Darth Vader Goes To Disneyland
Work, bills, cleaning, shopping, taking care of the kids, walking the dogs and just general everyday life gets to us all. Even the leader of the Galactic Empire. Check out a new commercial for Disneyland that shows the Dark Lord of the Sith cutting loose.
Funny Friday [VIDEO] – MmmBop Along With Craig Ferguson
Remember Hanson? Remember hearing "MmmBop" every 17 seconds? Remember the piercing screams of their teenaged fans? I remember all of that, but I don't remember Craig Ferguson, puppets in wigs or short guys in bondage gear. This is "MmmBop" like you've ne…
Morning Mix Show Notes 4/29
There was some sort of wedding today. Not sure what that was all about. Who went home on Idol last night and an earthquake in Central Minnesota!
Funny Friday [VIDEO] – Tro Lo Lo
Music has changed a lot over the years. Sometimes for the good. (Hello, 80's!) Sometimes for the bad. (Remember disco?) I'm just glad Mix doesn't play this every day.

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