Mixed-Up 80’s

Howard Jones Visits The Traffic Jam!
It was my absolute pleasure this afternoon, to interview 80's legend Howard Jones.  I have seen him three times in concert, but none of those were in the last 25 years.
Tonight, Howard Jones is playing at The Varsity Theater, in Minneapolis...
Ty’s Forgotten Greats – BERLIN!
Aaaahhh, the power of the 80's!
Those of us that were there remember the music.  There once was a thing I used to love very much back then.  It was called 'new wave' music.
I laugh at the term now, because it is 30 years later, and nothing about the 80's is 'new&apos…
‘Brat Pack Radio’ Saturday Night at The Benton Station!
For six years and running now, Minnesota-based Brat Pack Radio has been performing far and wide across the globe. From Midwestern venues & festivals near home, to the Russian coast and European riverboats they always turn heads- This Saturday they're rockin' the Benton Station-
Ty’s Forgotten Greats – Air Supply!
Was there anyone that ever wrote; slow, mushy, love songs - better than Air Supply?
I suppose that could be debated.
Some call it elevator music.  Some say it's boring.  Others will tell you that all their songs 'sound the same'...
Ty’s Forgotten Greats – Ready For The World!
Anyone familiar with 80's pop and R & B - will certainly remember Ready For The World.  These guys will forever be famous for their incredibly soulful sound, a few legendary dance hits, flashy suits, and the magnificent 80's "Jerry Curl" that they all sported…