Older Women Are in Luck! Mammograms Work Better for Them
Are mammograms actually effective? Several conflicting studies have come out in the past few years, leading some to pose this question. Don’t fear though ladies. An even newer study from Dutch researchers indicates that they do work, but older women might be getting more out of them.
Is Your Coffee Fix Getting in the Way of Medication?
The average American adult drinks about three cups of coffee a day, and while many can’t imagine a morning without it, people taking certain drugs may want to think twice.
Studies show that more than a dozen medications — antidepressants, estrogen, and thyroid and osteoporosis d…
Should We Be Concerned About Obesity in Kindergarteners?
We never used to think of chubby kids as being anything other than adorable, but researchers are now more concerned about children’s eating habits now that more Americans are being considered obese.
According to a new study, 40 percent of American children enter kindergarten with a body mass index (B…
Morning Mix Show Notes 11/3
A terrifying tale of When Animals Attack, why noises drive you nuts and the most popular video game of all time doesn't involve mind blowing 3D graphics.

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