How to Improve Your Memory
Do you keep forgetting things? Having more "senior moments" than you should at your age? Here are a few ways to keep your brain sharp. Follow these directions and you'll be beating your kindergartner at the Memory game in no time!
How to Prevent the Flu
Influenza is running rampant in Minnesota. In fact, 27 people have died from the flu. Here are a few simple steps to possibly prevent you getting the flu.
Sick? There’s an App for That
Glen and I recently had some sort of creeping crud and it was brutal. Now that we’re feeling better and the cleanup is over, I learned that we can fight colds and flu with our smartphones. If you’re sick, there’s an app for that.
How to Avoid Getting Food Poisoning
Oprah's second favorite doctor, Dr. Oz recently did a show about things to avoid when you're out at your favorite restaurant. There was a lot of information to digest, if you will, but I boiled it down and picked out a few things you may not think about or didn't realize.
Flu Shots: Fact and Fiction
Cold and flu season is well underway and being sick over the holidays just plain sucks. I missed Christmas Eve last year because I had food poisoning. There’s nothing you can do to vaccinate yourself against that, but many of us do try and vaccinate ourselves against the flu. Many of us don’t get a …
What is Wrecking Your Sleep?
I was having a really hard time falling asleep last night and I thought I did everything right when it comes to "getting ready for bed", but I didn't get to sleep until after 11. When I sat down at my desk this morning, I immediately started looking for reasons why I couldn't fall asleep a…
Heat Exhaustion – Know Your Symptoms
It's what we've been waiting for: SUMMER!! But, in our excitement to get outside, sometimes we can stay too long at the party and thereby put ourselves at serious risk for heat related illnesses.  Here are some ways to prevent, treat and beat the heat.
Health Tips from Heart Doctors
Heart disease kills more people in America than cancer, respiratory disease and Alzheimer's combined and that's especially true for women and it's very preventable. Here are some health tips from cardiac physicians.

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