Morning Mix Show Notes 8/22
The last time we ever talk about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, who are you Facebook stalking and a joke on Twitter turned into reality for one man in New Jersey.
Pooh vs. Potter – New Movies This Weekend
Two heavyweights face off on the Silver Screen this weekend- In one corner Hogwart's best and brightest seek to conquer He Who Cannot Be Named- and in the other corner The Hundred Acre Wood's laziest and playful. A match-up with one sure outcome. Harry may win the Box Office, but Pooh will…
Justin Timberlake Goes All-Star On Us
JT is presenting the Capital One Cup at the ESPY's next week- and to prepare he hits the college campuses to refresh himself with the sporting life he left behind for a career making music. After watching, you'll agree with us, he made the right choice.
New Batmobile Revealed!
Yes, we all hated the 'Tumbler'. That stupid tank-like vehicle that The Caped Crusader blasted through Gotham with in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Some good citizen has taken clandestine photos of what just may be the new Batmobile!

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