When is the Best Time to Watch a Romantic Comedy?
If you ask most men that question, the answer would probably be, "never", but there is a good time to watch a romantic comedy and I am here to give you the magic touch that may get your man to agree to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
Ever Heard Coldplay Acapella?
There's an awesome musician named Mike Tompkins who has done acapella covers of Adele, Taio Cruz, Maroon Five and others and his videos are just as cool as the songs he covers. His latest is an acapella version of Coldplay's Paradise. Plus he shows you how he made the song. Check it out.
Funny Friday [VIDEO] – All the Wrinkled Ladies
Watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians the other day, I looked at Kris, Bruce, Kim and the rest of the gang and thought, "Wow. They all look so good." Then I remembered they have millions of dollars, live in the spotlight and I'm sure they've had botox here and a nip and tuck there. Well…
Play State of the Union Bingo
President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address is taking place Tuesday, January 24. Play along with our State of the Union Bingo and you could score a pretty sweet prize!

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