Who Needs The Times?
On Wednesday, News Corporation announced the launch of The Daily — the first-ever newspaper designed exclusively for the Apple iPad. Your local newspaper may be out of business sooner than you thought.
David Guetta and Keenan Cahill (10 million views)
At the time I posted this, the video had received 9,825,914 views in 7 days. That's what they call 'viral'.
Let's see if we can put him over the 10,000,000 mark!!
You would think Guetta could buy the lil guy some new glasses and a cool shirt...
Pete and Jen revealed the AKC's Most Popular Dog list this morning... which gave us an excuse to find a bunch of cute puppy pictures! Awwwww!
People’s Choice Awards
Last night's People's Choice Awards had some funny moments, but was overshadowed by the constant product placement.

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