Would You Move To North Dakota For A Job?
6 years ago I moved to St. Cloud for my career in radio. The job market in Michigan had already started to lose strength and the economy soon to follow. I never thought in a million years that I would stay longer than 2 years, but employment in an unstable economy will beat out desires to be in a wa…
Lady Gaga’s Born This Way! [VIDEO]
It was just released this morning on YouTube and we have it for you! Crazy, freaky and totally Gaga! By the way, the photo to the left was just put on Gaga's FB page over the weekend- she's dying her bangs black?
Oscar Picks
This Sunday marks the 83rd annual Academy Awards ceremony, the most glamorous night in Hollywood. For movie geeks like us, this is the equivalent to the Super Bowl or the World Series. Sports fans have their favorite teams and players, we have our favorite films and actors. Here are my picks for wha…
Movie Review- Unknown
If you were to take the “Bourne Identity” and add a little “Taken” and “The Fugitive” you get “Unknown”. Overall it’s not as good as those movies but still quite enjoyable, plus there’s a twist ending and those are always fun.

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